Ben Gomes-Casseres is author of the new book Remix Strategy: The Three Laws of Business Combinations, and of The Alliance Revolution and Mastering Alliance Strategy. A professor at Brandeis University, he consults and speaks on alliance strategy management. His ideas and publications are here.

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Alliances make the news daily.  The business press offers advice regularly.  We sift through the noise and offer our opinions.


IBM and Apple: From Rivals to Partners in 30 years? Will they heed the lessons from their own experience? Read our comment in the Harvard Business Review blog.

What's Different About All These Mergers. (Hint: they are complex!) From telecoms to pharma, this year has indeed seen a rise in "business remix." Read our comment in the Harvard Business Review blog.

2014: Year of the Busines Remix. I see a rise in business combinations of all kinds — not just M&A, but also partnerships, alliances, joint ventures, and consortia that stop short of being full mergers. Read our comment in the Harvard Business Review blog.

Exit, Voice, or Loyalty.Why Yahoo needs to manage this triad smartly in its acquisition of Tumblr. Read our comment on the Harvard Business Review blog.

Is your partnership secure?Hewlett Packard and Oracle thought so for years. Now they are in court. Read our comment on the Harvard Business Review blog.

Polygamy is OK, but Promiscuity is Not. At least, in business this is so. What is the role of exclusivity in partnerships? How do you manage multiple partnerships? Read our comment on the Harvard Business Review blog.

We believe that good research should yield ideas that matter.  We publish in a variety of outlets to multiple audiences.

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One Big Idea, from Frontier Research

Three Laws of Success

20 Practical Tools to Help You Make Key Decisions



NEW ARTICLE: How to Create Value in Alliances. Joint value is the key to any business combination. With evidence from bio-pharma, this articles gives tips for how to manage alliances.

How Alliances Reshape Competition.
Alliances help firms cooperate so that they can compete better. Are these objectives compatible?

Alliance Strategy: Managing Beyond the Alliance.
A "strategic alliance" without a coherent "alliance strategy" is a recipe for failure.

Competitive Advantage in Alliance Constellations.
What determines the success of a firm competing as part of an alliance constellation?

Vendor or Partner?
Is your outsourcing venture a vendor relationship or a true partnership? It is critical to know the difference and manage accordingly.

Why a Partnership is not a Purchase Order. Managers confuse the two at their peril. Read our comment on the Harvard Business Review blog.

Outsourcing: Where to draw the line? Business can learn from the military -- and the reverse! See our blog entry at Harvard Business Review.

Managing High-Stakes Partners. Your company's market value may depend on that. Read our comment on the Harvard Business Review blog.

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